Oyster Fish restaurant

Oyster Fish

Seafood restaurant

The Oyster Fish restaurant was opened early on in the summer of 2018, with the intention of providing customers with great meals, prepared with the best fish in all of the Adriatic Sea.


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At the same time, we offer a wide range of solutions and preparations based on Italian and foreign processed fish products, oysters and seafood. All of our ingredients that we use, especially the fish, are of the highest possible quality.

Secondly, Oyster Fish stands out due to it being very different from other places in the Termoli area. Indeed, our selection of products and variety of recipes is much wider than what is offered by other seafood restaurants in the area.

Alas, we chose an easy formula consisting in the exposition of fresh catch of the day, in order to allow customers to personally choose their favourite sea products, as well as for opening the seafood directly in front of them. This is the only possible way to be certain of the products' true freshness.

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Industrial chic style

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Our restaurant is completed by its industrial chic style environment, minimal furniture and a splendid location.

As a matter of fact, the Oyster Fish restaurant was opened in Largo Pie di Castello, right at the foot of the Castello di Termoli, in a romantic and charming setting.

The cellar is also very well cared for, and particular attention is paid to sparkling wines (both Italian and foreign) and local wines.

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Oyster Fish Restaurant

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